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Information on living in Boulder Canyon at LaReserve, Oro Valley, AZ

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Meetings are held the third Wednesday of the following months:
January, March - (Annual HOA Meeting), September, November
Location: Boulder Canyon Clubhouse
Time: 6:00 PM AZ time.







































The next Board of Directors meeting has been rescheduled to November 14, 2018 at the clubhouse. The original scheduled date was the day before Thanksgiving. Any and all owners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

We have a number of ongoing and upcoming projects at the community. Please take a look at what the Board and management are working on:

Building 16 Swale. The proposals are in and we are waiting on final approval from the Board as to which contractor has been awarded the project. The hillside will be cleaned of all silt, the hay bales will be removed and replaced, the existing rip rap will be removed and reset and new rip rap will be installed on each side of the drainage channel. A new detention basin will also be created at the bottom of the main channel adjacent to the parking lot and the stairs at building 16.
Parking Lot Cleaning. As the monsoons have come to a close and the project at building 13 is wrapped up, it is time to wash down the parking lot. We are planning to have the work done within the next week or two and will provide dates as it is finalized. Please note that you may need to relocate your car from the area that is being washed down but notice will be given to give you time to move your car.
Winter Lawn. The grass sprinklers have been completely turned off in preparation of the winter lawn application. Water will be shut off for at least two weeks to allow the summer bermuda grass to die and go dormant. The landscapers will then scalp the grass and begin seeding the winter lawn. After this, the sprinklers will be turned back on to allow the new seeds to germinate and the winter lawn will begin growing. Please be patient during this time, the grass will not look pretty until the winter application is growing.
Irrigation Project. Late last year, the Board began discussing a full irrigation system rehabilitation and asked the Finance Committee to include it in the budget for fall 2018. There is an allocated $35,000 approved for the study and scope of work with correcting the irrigation issues. Right now, there are around 20 valves that are not connected to a central timer and must be manually programmed. The plan is to centralize everything to programmable stations but that involves valve replacement, trenching, removing deteriorated main lines, running new lines, etc. It is a large scale project that will be most likely broken into phases. The Board has obtained a preliminary proposal from the Groundskeeper but is researching options such as working with an independent irrigation consultant or irrigation specialist.
Communication. The Board was recently made aware of Wifi issues at the clubhouse and pool parties over the summer that were never reported to Paul Ash Management. This is a reminder to all owners that questions and concerns should be directed to Community Manager Danielle Morris so they may be addressed in a timely manner. Please do not contact Board members directly.

Nestled between the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Coronado National Forest, Catalina State Park, and the town of Oro Valley, Boulder Canyon is the perfect place to live. Just minutes away from Tucson, Boulder Canyon enjoys close shopping and services.

For those of you that are already lucky residents of Boulder Canyon, this web site serves to keep you informed about our community.

Boulder Canyon is managed by Paul Ash Management, Suite #907, 3499 North Campbell Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719 Office Hours- M-F 8:00 am-5:00 pm Phone (520) 795-2100 AFTER HOURS (520) 512-5340