Boulder Canyon Mountains


President: Susie Sundsby
Vice-President: Chris Ferril
Treasurer: Jim Wilde
Secretary: Brett Holdridge
At Large: Leonard Grennell


Architecture Committee:

Chairperson: Chris Ferril

The Architecture Committee oversees the applications and approval of architectural additions or changes to owner units. These include the addition of storm or security doors, blinds, windows, patio shades and any other modifications that are visible from the exterior of a unit. Volunteers are always appreciated and time investment is minimal.

Finance Committee:

Chairperson: Jim Wilde

The Finance Committee works on our annual budget, the management of the Association's investments and other financial matters pertinent to our community. Time investment is minimal. Occasional meetings are held in late fall when the following year's budget is being developed.

Nominating Committee:

Chairperson: TBA

The Nominating Committee is charged with verifying that candidates are in good standing with the HOA (no outstanding delinquencies or rule violations). To inquire whether a candidate has special training or expertise (accounting, engineering, project management) which would be useful in a director position. To provide candidates an overview of the director duties. A minimum number of meetings will be required to review the applicants resumes.

Committee membership is open to all residents.

Those who are interested in joining a committee should send a request to Danielle Morris, Paul Ash Management, at -  or 520-795-2100 ext. 119.

All Committees need members, so please consider joining one that matches your interests.

Benefits of being on a committee:

1. You meet your neighbors

2. You don’t need to live on site full time

3. Minimal time commitment (less than 2 hours per month usually)

4. You have a voice in the decisions made about our community

Danielle will forward any requests on to the committee chairperson who will then contact you.