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Owner Responsibilities: 


Owners that rent their units are responsible for making sure that their tenants and/or guests adhere to the rules and regulations of our community.


One of the most important responsibilities is to make our community home. That begins with ensuring that everyone within our community knows and respects the rules, which are geared toward making every residents life safe, peaceful and predictable. Predictable? Yes. It’s much easier for all homeowners /residents to follow the rules when they know what those rules are. That is why we have established CC&R’s to provide guidance for living within our community.


Boulder Canyon Master Association Agreement for Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) are available on the documents page of this website. Owners and residents are reminded that compliance is mandatory. Failure to adhere to established CC&R’s may result in fine or assessment pursuant to the rules of the association.


Report violations to our management team at (520)795-2100 or the HOA Board at  Help us foster a community where ALL residents participate in keeping Boulder Canyon a desirable place to live.


Architectural Change Requests:


ANY improvement that will be visible from the exterior of your unit; windows, security door, sunshades, window blinds, satellite dishes etc… REMEMBER: Improvements/modifications must comply with our community CC&R’s (restrictions apply) and… No addition, alteration or improvement which would be visible from the exterior of a Unit may be made without prior written approval of the Board. You MUST submit an Architectural Change Request form and receive written approval PRIOR to any work being done.  Failure to do so is a violation of CC&R’s and may result in fines or removal of the change or addition at the unit owners’ expense.  Architectural Change Request forms are available on the documents page of this website.    NOTE: Requests may only be submitted by the unit OWNER. Be sure to review the CC&R’s, contact Paul Ash Mgmt at (520) 795-2100 or the Boulder Canyon Board at  for additional information.


Clubhouse Rental:


Did you know that you can now rent the BC Clubhouse for a family party or get-together? Interested? Click here to download the Clubhouse Rental Packet for more information. 




We love our dogs but, for the safety of all residents, visitors and our pets, all dogs must be held on a leash at all times. There are no off leash dog areas on Boulder Canyon property. Tethering of pets in any common area is prohibited. No pets are allowed inside the pool area or any area of the clubhouse except for disability assisting service dogs. Additionally, all dog owners are required to clean up after their dogs. As a courtesy, bag stations are located throughout the community. Please be considerate and help to keep Boulder Canyon a clean, healthy community!


Desert Wildlife:


It is inappropriate as well as dangerous to feed the wildlife. While it may initially seem harmless, as these animals learn where to find food, their natural predators follow. Often seen wildlife on our property include Javelina, Bobcats, Coyotes, Roadrunners and Quail. Javelinas, or collared peccaries, are a common sight in our neighborhood. They travel in herds and have large canine teeth which can do much damage to you. Like all wildlife, they are wonderful to observe but, keep your distance!  


Dryer Lint Traps/Vents: 


Do you remove and clear the lint trap (right up front inside door and very convenient) after every load of laundry?  This step is probably all you have ever done, just like 90% of the population.


Every couple of weeks, rinse the lint trap in the sink and clean it with a fine brush, like an old toothbrush, so that fine lint particles and residue from fabric softener sheets don't build up on the screen restricting airflow and increase drying time. Although this step of cleaning the lint trap is important and a first line of defense, it doesn’t solve the problem of lint build up in the dryer or in the dryer hose/vent system as even with the trap, lint still accumulates in the hose or duct system.


When did you last clean or replace your dryer vent hose?  To keep your dryer working correctly and to avoid wasting money, you should clean the duct or replace the dryer hose every couple of years -- more if you use the dryer a lot. More important, check it when the dryer is running; you should see the exhaust coming of it. The vent flaps should open when the dryer is running and close when it is off.  Clean dryer vents and hoses help to prevent fires, save money and make your dryer last longer.




Residents of Boulder Canyon are the eyes and ears of our community. Be observant. If you see any suspicious activity, trespassing, acts of vandalism…report it.  


             EMERGENCY 911 


             OV Police Non-Emergency (520) 229-4900


As directed in our CCR’s, our residents have the authority and the responsibility to act on behalf of our community. We must work together and watch out for each other. The safety and well being of Boulder Canyon is in OUR hands.


Flooding? Water leaking from your ceiling? Tree down? Questions?


As a community, there may be emergency issues that don’t require a call to 911 or the OV Police, but are emergencies none the less.  Our management company is there to help. 


                    Paul Ash Mgmt


Monday-Friday 9:00 AM– 5:00 PM (520) 795-2100


Outside of normal business hours (520) 512-5340


Our representatives are there to provide direction and assistance with these and many other issues. Do not hesitate to utilize this valuable resource.


Gas and Charcoal Grills:


Gas or Charcoal grills may not be used or stored on any unit patio or balcony. This rule applies to ALL units without exception.  Item 7.19 of the Boulder Canyon Master Association Agreement Use and Occupancy Restrictions and in accordance with Subsection 308.3.1 of the International Fire Code of Golder Ranch Fire District: charcoal burners, flame producing devices, gas heaters, fire pits, barbeques and grills (propane or charcoal) shall not be operated on patios or balconies or within ten (10) feet of any combustible material i.e.: unit buildings or garages. Additionally, propane tanks may not be stored in any unit, patio or balcony within the community.  Barbeque grills are located adjacent to the pool gazebo for your use and enjoyment.


HOA Dues:


Paul Ash Management offers automatic electronic funds transfer to pay your monthly dues (and water bills). Your total payment is taken out of your account on the same day each month and automatically applied to your HOA account…no worrying if your check arrived on time and NO MORE LATE FEES!  Application forms are available on the Documents page of the BC Website or by contacting Paul Ash Mgmt at (520) 795-2100.


Maintenance Requests:


Need to report a Common Property Maintenance Issue? You can notify Paul Ash Management of any required maintenance to the common grounds and property by clicking on the Maintenance Request tab located on the home page of this website. From there you will be directed to our management company. Issues are addressed as quickly as possible after receipt. Try it next time you discover a hallway or carport light out or any other issue affecting the common areas of our community.




1 ). Residents or guests of Boulder Canyon may not park in a covered space other than one specifically assigned to their unit.   


2). Residents must use their assigned parking space before using an unassigned space


3). Be respectful and not infringe on adjacent spaces or walkways (Park within the lines)


4). DO NOT park in NO PARKING zones


5). NO OVERNIGHT parking in front of the Clubhouse


6). No parking in a handicap space unless you have the proper tags to do so. Failure to adhere to parking rules may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.


Personal Home Insurance: 


All owners should speak with your own insurance agent to be sure you are carrying enough insurance coverage. The HOA Insurance only covers the structure of our buildings and not the contents or your visitors. Your personal unit and limited common elements are NOT covered by the HOA's Insurance. You must have homeowner insurance to cover the interior of your unit (walls in) and personal possessions. If you are a garage owner, be sure to check with your insurance agent as to what additional insurance you may need. Be prepared and make sure you have the proper insurance coverage. Be sure to look into condo or renters insurance to protect you, your home and your belongings. For information on Association Insurance Coverage, please review Boulder Canyon CCR's: Article XI Insurance.


Pool /Spa Fitness Center Access:


Access to the Pool/Spa & Fitness Center is by electronic access card ONLY. Each access card is specific to a homeowners unit.  Residents must utilize their own card to swipe in and out. Do not share access cards.  All card usage by homeowners and residents is tracked by the card reader ID system as well as security cameras.  Improper or unauthorized use of access cards will result in the deactivation of the access card until a hearing before the Board of Directors is conducted. Report lost, misplaced or stolen cards IMMEDIATELY so that they can be deactivated. Failure to do so may result in violations or fines being assessed to you, the Unit owner, for improper card use. There is a non-refundable fee to replace a lost or damaged card.  


If your access card does not work: Owners - contact Paul Ash Mgmt at (520) 795-2100

Tenants - contact your leasing / rental agent



Pool/Spa & Fitness Center are CLOSED between 11:00 PM AND 5:00 AM

Entry during closed hours is considered trespassing


GATES/DOORS LOCK AND REMAIN LOCKED FROM 11:00 PM TO 5:00 AM                       

You must EXIT the gated area before 11:00 PM or you will be locked in


JUMPING THE GATES TO ENTER OR EXIT IS PROHIBITED AND WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION OF CARD PRIVILEGES AND POSSIBLE FINE ~ Security Cameras in Use ~ Additional information available on the Documents page of this website.




We are pleased to remind you that our community supports and encourages recycling. Please make use of the recycling dumpsters located at the far end of Bldg 4 and in the enclosure between Bldg 12 and 13. Recycling bins are colored BROWN or BLUE. Regular trash dumpsters are green.


DO NOT dispose of regular household trash in the RECYCLE bins as this will contaminate the dumpster and make it non-recyclable.  For information on recycling:   Thank you for your attention and support!




Rental / Leasing Policy:


Pursuant to Article VII Section 7.21 of the Boulder Canyon Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) a Minimum Rental Period of 30 Days is required for each lease period and will be strictly enforced. This means that only ONE lease per Unit may be executed during any 30 day lease period: that NO additional weekly or bi-weekly leases or subleases for that unit will be allowed by Owners, Occupants, Tenants, or Agents during that 30 day period.


In February 2012, the BC Board of Directors approved strict enforcement of the Association’s existing 30 Day Minimum Rental Policy and voted to impose a penalty fine of $300.00 for each violation by any owner or corporate owner who does not comply with this policy.  Policy and forms are available on the documents page of this website.




Water Heaters:


Our community was built in 1996, water heaters get old fast! When they break, they leak water everywhere and cause damage to not only your unit, but possibly your neighbors unit also. Owners should be aware of the age of their water heater and if it is functioning properly. Water heaters are NOT the HOA's responsibility.




 Water Meters:


Did you know that each unit has their own water meter? It's located at the top of each individual unit’s water heater.  Batteries in the meters are starting to fail, possibly causing false readings.  Faulty or failing meters add to your water bill. Inspections and battery replacements are being completed by our in-house maintenance manager, Tom Martinez.  Be sure to contact Paul Ash Mgmt at (520) 795-2100 to schedule your water meter inspection and battery replacement.


NOTE: Tampering with or disconnecting meters or monitors will result in a minimum $100 fine and restrictions as set by our community CCR’s.




Are you interested in making a difference in our community? Want to see your ideas become reality?  Able to coordinate social events?  Have a way with words?   We could use your ideas and your talents. We invite you lend a hand and share your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to make Boulder Canyon an even better place to live.


          ~    Architectural   ~   CCR Enforcement    ~    Social   ~   Newsletter   ~  ???


Volunteer for these committees or do you have an idea for a committee?  Join us and make a difference.  Contact the Boulder Canyon Board at and volunteer. All owners and residents are encouraged to participate on any committee of your choosing. You can put as much time into it as you are able. This is YOUR community. Get involved and make it a great place to live!




Wireless Internet access is available. To access and connect to the BC Network, open your computers network and sharing centre. Connect to CLUBHOUSE. This is a security enabled network requiring a security key or passphrase. The passphrase for CLUBHOUSE is B0ulderCanyon. NOTE: B and C are upper case and the “0” in B0ulder is a zero. Happy Surfing.


Have a question or an item that is not posted here and you believe would be beneficial?


Let us know by emailing the Boulder Canyon Board at or by contacting Paul Ash Management Co. at (520)795-2100.